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Hair Loss: We Can Help!

By December 14, 2018No Comments

Hmmm…is there too much hair in that brush?

There is a misconception that hair loss is just a guy thing. But a good percentage of hair loss actually happens to women and it’s pretty common.

As is often the case, education is key! Understanding the stages of hair growth can help you understand when the hair grows, what is normal loss, and when loss happens in each cycle. Knowing what’s typical can help identify a change or a dramatic loss.

If you’re worried about hair loss, we have some helpful products such as scalp-clarifying shampoos and thickening foams, as well as in-salon services to help promote hair growth.

Getting the right styling products can really make big difference as well to create the illusion of thicker and fuller hair. Volume and thickening products will help achieve this and we can recommend the right combination for you.

Not to mention, we’ll discuss a cut and style that maximizes the look of the hair you have.

With this multi-directional approach to hair loss, we can help combat hair loss!

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