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Your Guide to Summer Hair Health

By June 14, 2019No Comments

Wide-brimmed hats are the best!

Ever notice how your hair seems to fade faster in the summer and sometimes it looks dull or won’t hold a style as long as usual? Is it dry or lacking luster? Your hair could be damaged from sun, chlorine, salts and dehydration but lucky for you, I have a solution! Incorporate one or more of the remedies listed and be on your way to flawless summer locks!

Sun Protection
If you’re like me, you probably apply sunblock everyday this time of year. And always making sure to get your neck and shoulders with an extra layer. But do you apply sunscreen to your hair? In Arizona it’s a must! Aveda makes a spray that protects from UV rays for up to 16 hours and treats already damaged hair. How awesome is that?! This product has the three things your hair needs: moisture from shea butter, sunscreen from coconut oil, and healing from vitamin E. And the best part is, it’s all natural and sustainablly made! We (may or may not) carry this product in our salon, so grab one today and let your hat down next time your out at the pool!

Just like your body, your hair needs moisture to stay healthy and fight sun damage. But unlike your skin, your hair doesn’t benefit from just drinking water, you have to give it a little nudge when the weather heats up. We have amazing treatments for hair and scalp that you can add on to almost any service, or get just the treatment! Leaving the salon with wet hair isn’t such a bad idea when its 112° out, plus your hair will be super hydrated for days to come! Call us and ask about the best option for your hair needs.

Get A Trim
I know you probably hear this all the time, but regular cuts are necessary. By getting rid of all your split ends in the beginning of summer you can avoid having to cut off too much later in the year. When your ends start to split the sun, heat, and pool chemicals increase the speed of splitting, making your ends frayed, dull, and unsalvageable. Slow the elements from penetrating your hair cuticles by trimming the open ends and maybe get a cute new cut while you’re at it!

When In Doubt, Wear A Hat
This may seem like an obvious one. If you can’t get to the salon for a cut, or just want to give your hair a break, throw on your favorite hat or scarf. My favorite large brim sun hat is always on when I’m in the pool, bonus face protection! Not a hat person? Check out pinterest and YouTube for scarf tying ideas and tricks. Some of my best outfits include a colorful, printed head scarf.

Stay protected while having fun in the sun! See ya at the pool!

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