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Last Minute Fathers Day Gifts

This year has flown by and with June being here with no slowing down, Father’s day is sneaking up on us. If you (like me) may have forgotten to get the Father’s in your life a little special something, here are some ideas to get the creativity flowing. 

– Hair/Beard Care; A perfect gift for any father in your life and very versatile depending on your needs. You can go for the classic shampoo/conditioner combo or switch it up with some grooming creams/ clay or some beard oil. Whatever you may be looking for, stop by The Root for all your hair care needs.

– Cooking/Grilling Supplies; If the Father in your life is a wiz in the kitchen, some fun supplies/utensils may be the perfect gift! Depending on your budget you could go the Grill or Pizza Oven Route or you can keep in simple with some new tongs, sauces, and spices 

– Sports Lover Gifts; Whether he’s an Athlete or a Fan, The New York Times has collections of History in photographic journals for Football, Basketball, Golf, and pretty much every other sport. You could always stay simple with a favorite jersey, golf balls or gloves, or a new racket.

We hope all the dads out there enjoy their fathers day weekend no matter what you do or what what you get!

Blog by: Lynsie

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