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With the new year rolling in, so do the fashion trends. This past year we saw the revival of the close past with y2k taking over the scene. This trend followed after we saw the classic 90’s styles come back in 2020. While these styles are still and will forever be iconic, the fashion world is still ever changing, and you don’t want to get left behind.

The first major trend I see coming back is trench coats, and not just the basics. The 60s/70s style has been very apparent on the runways this season, with lots of thick fabrics (corduroy, cashmere, wool) as well as many busy prints with the classic burnt yet bright color pallet from this era. The 60’s fashion will pass over into the rest of fashion with bloomed trousers, go-go boots & platforms, layering, and lots of statement accessories. As we’ve seen from the past few years, these trends come back in style, however in a revamped and exaggerated way. So far for 2022, we have some convivial trends to look forward to.

Blog by Lynsie

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