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Our partners at Aveda have produced a customer favorite product for years called “Smooth Infusion.” It is a wonder segment of the brand’s hair care. It ran the gambit with solutions for curly and frizzy hair should you want to wear your hair smooth or straight.

But often, good things must come to an end. Aveda has decided to relaunch a new and improved smoothing line. However, you may be seriously attached to your old favorite. I know we are. Even though we are excited about the newer products, we had some emotional attachments to some of those tried and true products.

For those of you that feel the same way, for the next four weeks we are offering those old favorites at 40% off. Give our customer care team a  call at (602) 277-4072 should you need us to hold something for you as at this price they will not last long!

Blog by: Lauren

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