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Staying Green: What The Master Improved Upon

“When you’re ripe, you will rot, when you are green, you will grow.”  Continuing education is key to being successful in any career.  I recently was fortunate enough to spend the weekend with Candy Shaw at her Sunlights balayage and French Method Cutting class.  In a world of fake foliage and teasing foils, it was so refreshing to be with professionals who practiced true French Balayage!

It had been 10 years since I had worked with Candy, and within no time we were on stage working side by side as I did for the 10 years I worked for her at Jamison Shaw Hairdresser, back in my 20s.  Now well into my 40s, I still leave my ego at the door and show up as a student, willing to learn all I can for this craft of being the best hairdresser I can be. I can’t simply rest on my laurels!  I’ve worked with and  known plenty of elders in my day that have.  Doing 3 clients a day, dated haircuts, and not understanding why they aren’t busy because “they were once…” whatever.   Not me! ‘Cause when you’re ripe, you will rot.  And when you’re green, you will grow.



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