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The use of crystals healing and their metaphysical powers has been utilized throughout time and have recently become even more popular in our society. Whether you have a few or your whole dresser is covered, you most likely have started carrying crystals around with you throughout your day. What you may not know is that you can gain even more energy by correlating your crystals with your zodiac sign.

The first thing to find out is what crystals match up with your zodiac sign. There is a long list of crystals and minerals for each sign but here are a few of the main ones; Aries: Carnelian, Red Jasper & Citrine; Taurus: Pyrite & Rose Quartz; Gemini: Jade & Tigers Eye; Cancer: Moonstone & Labradorite; Leo: Tigers Eye & Garnet; Virgo: Amazonite, Amethyst & Fluorite; Libra: Pink Tourmaline & Lapis Lazuli; Scorpio: Ruby, Amethyst & Citrine; Sagittarius: Shungite, Smokey Quartz & Labradorite; Capricorn: Azurite & Peridot; Aquarius: Hematite & Yellow Jasper; Pisces: Black Tourmaline & Aquamarine. You can use any crystals you feel drawn too though!

If you like to carry crystals on you there are also correlating body areas relating to your zodiac sign. Wearing your crystals in these areas can help align your energy and make your crystals even more powerful! Aries: Head (You can wear your crystals as earrings/ piercings, or even a cute headband). Taurus: Neck & Shoulders (Try out a crystal pendant!). Gemini: Throat & Lungs (A cute crystal bralette or a lower hanging necklace). Cancer: Chest (The classic crystals in the bra!). Leo: Heart & Upper back (Lower hanging necklaces). Virgo: Abdomen (Try out some crystal waist chains). Libra: Lower Back (Crystal waist chains or even in your pocket). Scorpio: Hips (In your pockets). Sagittarius: Thighs (Pockets or beaded crystal chains from your waist). Capricorn: Joints (Bracelets & Anklets). Aquarius: Shins, Calves, & Ankles (Anklets). Pisces: Hands & Feet (Rings).

Keep in mind you don’t need to have or do these things for your crystals to work, this just may help them be more effective! Always do what feels right and comfortable to you, and don’t stress it when it comes to buying and picking out crystals, they will always find you if you’re looking!

Blog by Linsey

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