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Androgynous fashion is one of my favorite styles. It’s a great way to self express and leave something to the imagination. There have been plenty of celebrities who have nailed the androgynous look. To name a few: Kirsten Stewart, Harry Styles and Jared Leto.

What I love about androgyny is that it allows each person to live in the neutral; not over-fem, not over-masculine. There are things that I love to wear that are boxy or over-sized. For men, they are able to self express through accessorizing. Why limit our fashion self expression to our gender?

Here are 5 things I love that live in androgynous fashion.

Slacks – slacks come in various options with style, patterns, fits and lengths. Currently my favorite is the various plaid patterns. I love the color options they come in. This allows so many options for tops. You can pair it with a graphic tee and docs, a button up and oxfords or a crop top with pumps for a night out. Wether it’s casual, work wear or just daily wear, slacks are a great alternative to jeans!

Button Ups – the over sized 90’s button up is back. The variety in prints is endless. The various fits for any gender are amazing! I love seeing button-ups partnered with jeans, slacks, skirts, or with tights if the shirt is long enough. It’s such a comfy top that can be tied up, tucked in or left hanging over your bottom of choice!

Jewelry – the layering of necklaces has been a big trend for a while now. You’re seeing layers of gold, silver or mixed metals. However you chose to wear it, it works for any occasion!

Manicures – let’s be real, the nail game has really stepped up the last few years! My pintrest board is booming with some of the coolest nail art. Nail artists have created masterpieces on the smallest canvases. However, when I say manicure, it doesn’t have to include nail art or even having your nails painted. Taking care of your cuticles and nails is a big way to pamper yourself and also ensure your hands are ready for any professional setting. Clean nails are the best way to start off hand shake (when we can do that again)!

Loafers – who doesn’t love a good loafer?! You can dress this up or wear it casual. So many styles, colors and finishes. This is a great shoe to have as a staple in your closet. What I love about this shoe is that it can be comfortable for all day wear, slightly dress up an outfit but also draw a little class to the entire look. Go find a pair today!

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