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A Smile at the Door

By July 18, 2014No Comments
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Our beautiful salon before the day gets going!

Our beautiful salon before the day gets going!

At The Root Salon, I’m the first person our clients see. Now that I’ve been working here for a few months, I know just how important this role can be.

When I first started working for The Root, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. The fast paced environment quickly assured me that I was about to be challenged…and, oh was I correct!

What I assumed would be a practical receptionist job turned out to be so much more. Sure, I’m answering phones but I’m also maintaining about a million other things at the same time (inventory, cleaning, grabbing Starbucks, and learning, learning, learning). I admit I was overwhelmed at first.

But with all the new responsibilities I knew one thing: my most important task was to keep a smile on my face throughout the day. Lucky for me, at The Root Salon, this isn’t the toughest part of my job!

Not only do I work with fun people in an exciting environment, but I also work in a role that can make or break somebody’s customer experience. Because I’m the first person a client sees and talks to, I always consider how I would like to be treated when entering a business. When I think about my own experiences as a customer (good and bad), it reminds me to step up my “A” game and remember why I took this job in the first place.

If there’s one thing I’m passionate about more than anything, it’s getting to know people. I genuinely enjoy my one on one time with each individual because it’s a chance to build a relationship, and nothing makes me happier than that. Working at The Root Salon has given me the opportunity to do just so, and more.

I get to know existing customers and I’m in the unique position to be the first to start building a relationship with new customers. At a client’s first phone call, I’m getting to know what this person wants and what will make them happy. With the right voice tone and positive attitude, a new client is born and a new relationship is built.

It’s a win-win situation for me and the business, and it’s genuinely so rewarding. Who knew my simple receptionist job would turn out to be worth so much more?

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