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When it comes to looking forward to hair color trends, here at The Root Salon we love to rely on social media. What better way to prepare for what our clients will be wanting than to see what is trending on popular platforms like Pinterest, Instagram and Tik ToK?

So, what exciting examples are we seeing for 2023?
Millenials and the Gen Z crowd are gravitating toward the best of both worlds when it comes to hair color. We should see requests for a mixture of both bold, vivd colors, and natural tones. And yes, this trend will be seen on the same coiffe–think hot pink and pale blonde being worn in a combination on one head of hair. Talk about the best of both worlds!


As far as hair cut and style trends go, 2023 may be the year of the “big chop”. Social media is trending toward seriously short bobs, micro-bangs and easy care pixies just to name a few. Need some inspiration? Jump on over to our Pinterest board:
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