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2018 New Trend: Bandanas!

By May 25, 2018No Comments

Bandana around the neck. Looks so cute!

If you’re into trends this is the newest trend that you’ll definitely want to jump on: Bandanas around the neck!

This is such an affordable and attractive accessory to your outfit. You can typically find a bandana at a local Target or Walmart for just $1. Talk about a steal! Because when you pair it with a perfect outfit, it brings way more than just a dollar’s worth of style.

So the next time you’re out shopping, pick one up! You’ll want to give it a few washes so the fabric can relax a bit. After it gets flexible, just roll it up and tie it in any creative way you choose.

And if you’re a true purist, you can usually find vintage bandanas at Phoenix General that are perfectly aged.

Give it a try! Everyone will totally dig it and most likely jump on the bandwagon themselves!

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