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Did you know that we are always accepting applications at our company? Well, it’s true!
We are grateful for any interest in being part of our team. We know that it is an employees’ market out there and that you have a multitude of choices when looking for a long term career path. Our team members are carefully selected and then personally guided through the process of understanding our company culture. Just what do we mean buy a company culture?
It is almost like the company’s “personality”.  This culture often can be viewed as the specific beliefs  and key values of (usually) , the founders of the company. These beliefs and values permeate through the company via the collaborative spirit of it’s employees. It silently lives among  the staff, ownership and management and can be seen and felt in the environment in which they work.
We would like to share a little bit about our culture here at The Root Salon.
Here at The Root Salon, we take the road less traveled. We aim to live, persevere, and grow. We are dedicated to serving one another and our community.
Skill is something we believe you can acquire. Good energy, work ethic, and kindness are not. We are passionate people who love to prosper and lead while laughing at the same time
We believe in unity over division. We work hard and we work together— this is how we achieve success. If this resonates with you, we would love to build your career path with our award winning team.
Want to work with us and take your career path in a fresh new direction? Maybe March 2022 is just the time to start down that road. We would like to hear from you. Please visit our website and get in touch. You can do that through a form featured here:
We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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